I am a semi-retired New Zealand Secondary School teacher. As a teacher I have always had a passion to explain significant facts to anybody who will listen. During my teaching career I learned that every teacher must first be a student so before I could write about the Anzac soldiers who fought in World War One I had a lot to learn.

During October 2014,  I had a conversation with an Australian colleague who recounted the story of Australian Light Horse soldiers who mounted an heroic cavalry charge against the Turks at Be'erSheva, in the south of modern-day Israel, on the 31st October 1917. My friend was certain that this was an Anzac battle but could not tell me anything about the New Zealander involvement in this campaign, so I determined to research the history of New Zealand's WW1 involvement in the Middle East.


I soon discovered that hardly anybody whom I knew had any idea that New Zealand mounted infantry had fought in the Sinai Desert as well as in Palestine and Syria during WW1. It was, to all intents and purposes, a 'forgotten' War.  Even finding resources for the Middle East Campaign was difficult. The local library had only one book in its WW1 section dedicated to these men and their story.


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