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Saviours of Zion

The Anzac Story from

Sinai to Palestine (1916-1918)


After one hundred years of recorded military history very few people know the full story of these men and the extraordinary campaigns which they fought. Operating as part of a British Imperial Army they drove the Ottoman Turks and their German and Austrian allies from Egypt, Palestine and Syria.

The British Army in the Middle East was the largest army deployed outside Europe during WW1. Following the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign in 1915, the major focus of the War shifted back to the European trenches. Egypt and Palestine were commonly regarded as 'sideshows' by military planners but over the next three years it was the Middle East that produced Allied victories in a series of highly mobile and fast-moving  campaigns which included the capture of Jerusalem during December 1917.


The New Zealand Mounted Rifles and the Australian Light Horse brigades proved their worth as and Anzac Division within the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.  These men won an unequalled reputation  as enterprising and undefeated troops and their enemies feared them as "Death Riders."


In three years the NZMR Brigade campaigned from the Suez Canal, up through Palestine and into the Mountains of Judea and Trans-Jordan. This is the story of the battles they fought and the men who led them and the horses who carried them to victory.

Fortunate indeed is a commander in the field who has at his disposal New Zealand mounted troops, for he can depend on them at all times to display energy, resource, and endurance. All these three qualities were time after time exemplified by the New Zealanders in the waterless desert country of Sinai.

I feel sure that this History will bring home to all New Zealanders and the Empire generally the grand part played in the Great War by their mounted troops. It will also be cherished as a priceless memento by those who have lost near and dear relatives who gave up their lives for their King and country and now lie buried in a far distant land...​

General Sir Archibald Murray, GOC British Imperial Forces in Egypt (1916-1917).

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